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Winter is here! If you were in the Midwest over the Thanksgiving holiday, you felt how harsh winter could be. Here are some tips you should plan for when the extreme cold weather arrives for the season:

  1. Be prepared for a colder home. Your furnace is only capable of doing so much to keep your home warm. There will be a point when your furnace is going to struggle to keep up with demand. When your furnace reaches this point, it is best to wear additional layers and use throws, as needed to stay warm.
  2. Don’t crank up the thermostat. When the temperatures reach extreme lows, you may feel tempted to increase the temperature on your thermostat. It is going to be difficult, but you have to resist that temptation! When it get that cold, all you achieve is a higher utility bill.
  3. Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees. If your furnace is running non-stop consider lowering the temperature setting. Turning down the thermostat will save money on utility bills and reduce wear and tear on your unit.
  4. Weatherstrip around your windows and doors. Sometimes the extreme cold we feel is windchill. Severe winds during cold weather may be making your home feel colder than usual.
  5. Ensure your outside vents are clear of debris. Make sure you know where your gas furnace vents out of your home. Double-check to ensure your vent is clear of snow and debris and vented properly.
  6. Double-check indoor vents and registers are clear. Take the time to ensure vents are open and furniture is not blocking them. Closed or blocked vents and registers can cause cold rooms and damage to your HVAC system and impede overall circulation within your space.



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