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The type of heating system you use in your home matters and you can actively reduce costs by properly maintaining and upgrading your HVAC system. Having an energy-efficient furnace alone is not going to significantly impact your utility bill. To get the best results in reducing your utility bill is to take a “whole-home” approach. The “whole-home” approach not only needs energy-efficient systems, but it also needs homeowners to properly insulate their homes, seal windows, and change their thermostat habits. Here are some heating tips to help you save this winter!

  • Set thermostats as low as it is comfortable in the winter. Lower the setpoint when you’re away from home to save even more.
  • Follow a furnace filter maintenance schedule. Change filters on furnaces as recommended for your home’s heating system.
  • Clean air registers and radiators regularly. Ensure they are not blocked by any furniture or rugs. 
  • Turn off exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing.
  • Take advantage of nature! Leave south-facing windows clear of window coverings to utilize the free heat! Remember to close these coverings in the evening to keep that same heat trapped in your home.