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Below is a list of some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have more questions…feel free to contact us at any time.

How long do your appliance repairs take?

Most repairs can be done in the same day.

How often should I have my AC/ appliances/ heating serviced?

Every year. Cool Concepts offers simple and affordable service plans to keep your essential equipment running.

I occasionally hear a strange noise from my condenser. Should I have that checked?

Noises are sure sign that failure is about to happen. And a breakdown is often more expensive than servicing. Cool Concepts recommends replacing faulty components before they fail and either damage the appliance or hurt your business’s productivity.

Will you come on-site to repair appliances?

Yes! All of our repairs are done on site.

Do you fix residential kitchen equipment?

No. Most of that kind of equipment is considered “disposable” by the manufacturer and costs of repair often exceed the value of replacement.

My HVAC system is older than I am. Should I have it replaced?

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it still doesn’t work well. Call us today to come out and assess your heating and air system to help you decide if a tune up or a replacement is your best option.

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